Annadele Herman

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The composition of an atherosclerotic plaque is an important determinant of plaque stability. Unstable rupture-prone plaques are characterized by a thin fibrous cap that contains few muscle cells. Several lines of evidence suggest that macrophage activation in the unstable shoulder of the plaque could contribute to plaque rupture by releasing toxic factors,(More)
Pallet arrays enable cells to be separated while they remain adherent to a surface and provide a much greater range of cell selection criteria relative to that of current technologies. However there remains a need to further broaden cell selection criteria to include dynamic intracellular signaling events. To demonstrate the feasibility of measuring(More)
In vitro, la nitroglycérine antagonise aisément la contraction de l'artère carotidienne du chien provoquée par la noradrénaline, ce qui n'est pas le cas pour l'artère fémorale. In vivo cependant les différences de comportement de ces deux artères envers la nitroglycérine ne semblent pas être liées à des propriétés intrinsèques des vaisseaux, mais bien à des(More)
A method to select and separate viable cells based on the results of a cell-lethal assay was developed. Cells were plated on an array of culture sites with each site composed of closely spaced, releasable micropallets. Clonal colonies spanning multiple micropallets on individual culture sites were established within 72 h of plating. Adjacent sites were(More)
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