Annachiara Casadei

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Primary Sjögren syndrome (SS) is very rare in childhood. We collected a series of primary paediatric SS cases from different centres. A data collection form was prepared and sent to rheumatologists who were willing to participate. Data on 40 cases of primary SS with onset before the 16th birthday were collected. Almost all patients (35/40) were females, age(More)
The objective of the study was to analyse the activity of the Paediatric Emergency Unit (PEU) of the Children's Hospital in Parma, Italy, in the first year of its functioning. To this aim, the child's chronological age, place of origin (town or province), ethnic group, cause of consultation, time and date of admission, diagnosis and final destination were(More)
This is the story of a nondiabetic first-degree relative of a child with Type 1 Diabetes who was screened for Type 1 diabetes and was found to be at high risk being positive for genetic, immunologic and metabolic markers. He accepted to be treated with low-dose subcutaneous insulin and for 7 years he has been living in subclinical prediabetes state. At the(More)
Nonglucose carbohydrates such as galactose, mannose, and inositol play a clinically important role in fetal and neonatal nutrition, though little is known about their metabolism in the neonate. The aim of this study was to determine whether postprandial changes in plasma carbohydrate and sugar alcohol concentrations are affected by clinical variables such(More)
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