Annabianca Amoruso

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The mammalian growth factor erv1-like (GFER) gene encodes a sulfhydryl oxidase enzyme, named Augmenter of Liver Regeneration (ALR). Recently it has been demonstrated that ALR supports cell proliferation acting as an anti-apoptotic factor. This effect is determined by ALR ability to support the anti-apoptotic gene expression and to preserve cellular normoxic(More)
Background. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection can exert proatherogenic activities due to its direct action on vessel walls and/or via the chronic inflammatory process involving the liver. Aims. To clarify the role of HCV in atherosclerosis development in monoinfected HCV patients at different degrees of liver fibrosis and with no risk factors for coronary(More)
The intraseptal administration of the neurotoxin kainic acid (KA) induced a significant depletion of the neuronal population and glial proliferation in medial septal areas. The behavioral effects induced by this selective destruction of the neurons indigenous to the medial septal areas were investigated. KA produced a marked increase in urine output and a(More)
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