Annabelle Taylor

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Traditional continuous aerobic exercise training attenuates age-related increases of arterial stiffness, however, training studies have not determined whether metabolic stress impacts these favourable effects. Twenty untrained healthy participants (n = 11 heavy metabolic stress interval training, n = 9 moderate metabolic stress interval training) completed(More)
Moderate-intensity endurance exercise training improves vascular endothelial vasomotor function; however, the impact of high-intensity exercise training has been equivocal. Thus, the effect of the physiological stress of the exercise remains poorly understood. Furthermore, enhanced vascular repair mediated by circulating progenitor cells may also be(More)
There are no data available on the behavioural effects of centrally administered nanoparticles in freely moving intact mammals. Consequently, in the current study male Sprague-Dawley rats were trained to respond under an alternating-lever cyclic-ratio (ALCR) schedule of food reinforcement. Under this schedule, ascending and descending sequences of(More)
The objective of this study is to determine if arterial endothelial injury can be attenuated by local application of 80 µg/ml turmerin at the site of injury and by oral administration of the same dose. Anesthetized Lewis rats (n =12) weighing 200 ± 4.0 gms randomly were assigned to two groups. After 5 min of air drying a segment of right carotid artery, six(More)
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