Annabelle Mooney

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The work that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) perform in terms of HIV and AIDS is wide-ranging. Financial resources are available from government and other agencies if NGOs can frame their work in alignment with their interests. We take the particular case of Disha Foundation, an NGO working in Nasik, in the state of Maharashtra in India, whose(More)
Narrative accounts of illness often focus on the sociological construction of illness and neglect the body. This paper explores themes of seeing and being seen in the narrative of an HIV positive man to show the importance of uncovering the psychological and corporeal experience of HIV. Such accounts complement and enhance conventional medical accounts of(More)
The "Great Society" may be characterized as a loosely knit program of policies for domestic reform, promulgated by the Johnson Administration in adaptation of the general philosophy and strategies of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, and the New Frontier to certain conditions of the middle 1960s. Among these conditions were demographic, social, political, and(More)
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