Annabelle Le Parc

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Many of milk's functional molecules could not be discovered until the right concordance of novel separation and analytical technologies were developed and applied. Many health-promoting components still await discovery due to technical challenges in their identification, isolation and testing. As new analytical technologies are assembled, new functional(More)
BACKGROUND Caseins, the main milk proteins, aggregate in the secretory pathway of mammary epithelial cells into large supramolecular structures, casein micelles. The role of individual caseins in this process and the mesostructure of the casein micelle are poorly known. RESULTS In this study, we investigate primary steps of casein micelle formation in(More)
Caseins, the main milk proteins, interact with colloidal calcium phosphate to form the casein micelle. The mesostructure of this supramolecular assembly markedly influences its nutritional and technological functionalities. However, its detailed molecular organization and the cellular mechanisms involved in its biogenesis have been only partially(More)
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