Annabella Habinka Ejiri

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To examine the effect of learning experiences of piano playing on a tactile sequential recognition task, two experiments were conducted. In the first experiment, pianists and control subjects were given sequential tactile stimuli and were asked to report the simulated fingers and the order. The pianists showed a left hand superiority and performed better(More)
The driving and damping mechanism of plasma flow is an important issue because flow shear has a significant impact on turbulence in a plasma, which determines the transport in the magnetized plasma. Here we report clear evidence of the flow damping due to stochastization of the magnetic field. Abrupt damping of the toroidal flow associated with a transition(More)
  • K Hanada, K N Sato, H Zushi, K Nakamura, M Sakamoto, H Idei +23 others
  • 2008
QUEST (R=0.68m, a=0.4m) focuses on the steady state operation of the spherical tokamak (ST) by controlled PWI and electron Bernstain wave (EBW) current drive (CD). The QUEST project will be developed along two phases, phase I: steady state operation with plasma current, I p =20-30kA on open divertor configuration and phase II: steady state operation with I(More)
  • D A Gates, J Ahn, J Allain, R Andre, R Bastasz, M Bell +197 others
  • 2008
The mission of the National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) is the demonstration of the physics basis required to extrapolate to the next steps for the spherical torus (ST), such as a plasma facing component test facility (NHTX) or an ST based component test facility (ST-CTF), and to support ITER. Key issues for the ST are transport, and steady state high(More)
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