Annabel Shaw

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OBJECTIVE To assess whether incorporating a system of identifying, classifying and grading avoidable factors into a perinatal audit can be useful in identifying problem areas. DESIGN Descriptive study. SETTING Black urban population, Pretoria, South Africa. SUBJECTS All perinatal deaths of infants weighing more than 1,000 g from urban areas served by(More)
BACKGROUND Since the early 1990s, the laparoscopic approach to inguinal hernia repair using three ports has gained increased popularity worldwide. Recently, single-incision laparoscopic surgery to reduce the invasiveness of traditional laparoscopy further is under development. This study aimed to assess the safety and feasibility of the single-port approach(More)
Hirschsprung's disease has become a more common cause of newborn intestinal obstruction in the past 30 years. In a group of 137 newborns with intestinal obstruction the most common diagnosis was necrotizing enterocolitis. The second most common cause, however, was Hirschsprung's disease. We have reviewed 26 infants with aganglionosis who presented at 32(More)
Our studies of protocol biopsy studies have shown that normal allograft histology can not be assumed by crude tests of renal function such as the serum creatinine concentration, and that there is a high prevalence of subclinical rejection in the first 6 months post-transplant (7, 13-17). The apparent ability of urine MR and IR spectra to reliably identify(More)
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, one of the most common causes of hospitalization of children in developed countries, has been implicated as a cause of asthma. We aimed to characterize the cytokine profile in nasopharyngeal aspirates (NPAs) taken from infants during upper respiratory tract infection to investigate whether RSV induced a unique(More)