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Cutaneous flexor reflex thresholds have been used as a measure of somatosensory function: the authors measured threshold in preterm infants and newborn rat pups. Preterm infants of less than 30 weeks postconceptional age (PCA) had very low thresholds of less than 1.0 g, but by 37.5+ weeks PCA thresholds were equivalent to those in normal term babies,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study analyzed the factors influencing the postoperative results after the repair of gastroschisis defects during the past 27 years. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The clinical results after the repair of gastroschisis abdominal defects have improved appreciably during the past 25 years, with the long-term survival rate in most large children's(More)
Achalasia is rare in children; less than 2% of all patients with achalasia are less than 6 years old. Familial achalasia is extraordinarily rare, for an exhaustive search of the world literature yielded only 31 cases. Two additional cases are reported here. Based on an analysis of the reported cases in the literature coupled with our two cases, we have(More)
BACKGROUND Operative treatment of symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux (GER), often together with neurologic feeding disorders, is very common in infancy and childhood. Delayed gastric emptying (DGE) has been observed frequently in association with GER in children. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective review was performed on 1,200 consecutive patients 18 years of(More)
  • A Shaw
  • 1977
Congenital clitoral hypertrophy should be corrected in infancy. Most surgeons perform a total clitroectomy or one of several kinds of clitoral recession procedures. There are some reasons for dissatisfaction with both of these alternatives. An operation in which the corpora cavernosum are resected subcutaneously and the glans sutured to the pubis preserves(More)
A child with mediastinal and supraclavicular ganglioneuroma, heterochromia iridis, and Horner's syndrome is described. The authors postulate that the thoracic neoplasm originated as a congenital neuroblastoma with metastasis to the supraclavicular lymph nodes and subsequent benign transformation, and that the ocular abnormalities resulted from sympathetic(More)