Annabel Meyer

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We use inelastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation to investigate the interplay between the structure and the fast sodium ion diffusion in various sodium silicates. With increasing temperature and decreasing density the structure factors exhibit an emerging prepeak around 0.9 A(-1). We show that this prepeak has its origin in the(More)
Nitrogen management in soils has been considered as key to the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and a protection of major ecosystem services. However, the microorganisms driving processes like nitrification, denitrification, N-fixation and mineralization are highly influenced by changing climatic conditions, intensification of agriculture and the(More)
In the present study, the influence of the land use intensity on the diversity of ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and archaea (AOA) in soils from different grassland ecosystems has been investigated in spring and summer of the season (April and July). Diversity of AOA and AOB was studied by TRFLP fingerprinting of amoA amplicons. The diversity from AOB was(More)
A geostatistical approach using replicated grassland sites (10 m × 10 m) was applied to investigate the influence of grassland management, i.e. unfertilized pastures and fertilized mown meadows representing low and high land-use intensity (LUI), on soil biogeochemical properties and spatial distributions of ammonia-oxidizing and denitrifying microorganisms(More)
Very few principles have been unraveled that explain the relationship between soil properties and soil biota across large spatial scales and different land-use types. Here, we seek these general relationships using data from 52 differently managed grassland and forest soils in three study regions spanning a latitudinal gradient in Germany. We hypothesize(More)
Understanding factors driving the ecology of N cycling microbial communities is of central importance for sustainable land use. In this study we report changes of abundance of denitrifiers, nitrifiers and nitrogen-fixing microorganisms (based on qPCR data for selected functional genes) in response to different land use intensity levels and the consequences(More)
We compare the atomic dynamics of the glass to that of the relevant crystal. In the spectra of inelastic scattering, the boson peak of the glass appears higher than the transverse acoustic (TA) singularity of the crystal. However, the density of states shows that they have the same number of states. Increasing pressure causes the transformation of the boson(More)
We studied the effect of densification on the vibrational dynamics of a Na(2)FeSi(3)O(8) glass. The density of vibrational states (DOS) has been measured using nuclear inelastic scattering. The corresponding changes in the microscopic, intermediate-range, and macroscopic properties have also been investigated. The results reveal that, in the absence of(More)
We use time-resolved x-ray radiography in order to monitor interdiffusion processes in situ in liquid alloys. We measure temperature and composition dependent interdiffusion coefficients (D{AlCu}) in Al-rich Al-Cu melts. At constant temperature, D{AlCu} only exhibits a weak dependence of the alloy composition. As compared to self-diffusion, interdiffusion(More)
By using the technique of electrostatic levitation, the Ni self-diffusion, density, and viscosity of liquid Zr(64)Ni(36) have been measured in situ with high precision and accuracy. The inverse of the viscosity, η, measured via the oscillating drop technique, and the self-diffusion coefficient D, obtained from quasielastic neutron scattering experiments,(More)