Annabel Martín

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The sole concern of the Royal Colege of Nursing (RCN) in its challenge of the legality of nurse involvement in induced abortions was the risk faced by its members in the event that they might be prosecuted for participating in illegal abortions. The Court of Appeal, earlier this month, declared the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS)(More)
The British Abortion Act of 1967 has been 1 of the most controversial laws of recent times, to the point where there have been numerous efforts to revise or repeal it. When the Act "legalized" abortion, it made no specific mention of approved methods or of involvement by nonmedical personnel. The vagueness of the Act has led to fear among some nurses that(More)
There is a growing national trend in which children and adolescents are funneled out of the public school system and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems—where students are treated as criminals in the schools themselves and are expected to fall into this pattern rather than even attempt to seek opportunities to fulfill the ever elusive “American(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform a self-assessment of the Scientific Committee of the 25th Conference of the Spanish Society for Quality in Healthcare held in Barcelona on October 2007 in order to identify improvement areas for future Conferences. MATERIAL AND METHODS DESIGN Applying PDCA methodology to the tasks undertaken by the Scientific Committee (SC) of the(More)