Anna de Mier

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Fix two lattice paths P and Q from ð0; 0Þ to ðm; rÞ that use East and North steps with P never going above Q: We show that the lattice paths that go from ð0; 0Þ to ðm; rÞ and that remain in the region bounded by P and Q can be identified with the bases of a particular type of transversal matroid, which we call a lattice path matroid. We consider a variety(More)
We solve in the affirmative a conjecture of Brylawski, namely that the Tutte polynomial of a connected matroid is irreducible over the integers. If M is a matroid over a set E, then its Tutte polynomial is defined as T(M; x, y)= C A ı E (x − 1) r(E) − r(A) (y − 1) | A | − r(A) , where r(A) is the rank of A in M. This polynomial is an important invariant as(More)
This note contains two results on the distribution of k-crossings and k-nestings in graphs. On the positive side, we exhibit a class of graphs for which there are as many k-noncrossing 2-nonnesting graphs as k-nonnesting 2-noncrossing graphs. This class consists of the graphs on [n] where each vertex x is joined to at most one vertex y with y < x. On the(More)