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The increase in the use of the Internet not only as a repository of resources for learning but also as a means for the delivery of courses and specially prepared teaching material is a particularly significant innovation in the range of education. The main concept here is a Virtual class, which is based on the principles of CSCL (Computer Supported(More)
This paper describes, in design, architecture and implementation level, a web based environment for cooperative teleworking and collaborative learning over TCP/IP networks, such as Internet. The implemented tool claims to be an efficient solution for a group of users/students that need a shared workspace containing various communication utilities, including(More)
In this paper we describe robust and eecient implementations of two graph connectivity algorithms. The implementations are based on the LEDA library of eecient data types and algorithms 18]. Moreover, we provide experimental evaluations of the implemented algorithms and we compare their performance to other graph connectivity algorithms currently(More)
The research and development of computer-based, networked learning environments will be built around electronic communication and collaboration services that will play a significant role in the improvement of the learning procedure. Applications of this kind provide tutors and trainees with the ability of continual, close and efficient cooperation, en masse(More)
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