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We carried out genome-wide association (GWA) studies in inbred mouse strains characterized for their lung tumor susceptibility phenotypes (spontaneous or urethane-induced) with panels of 12,959 (13K) or 138,793 (140K) single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Above the statistical thresholds, we detected only SNP rs3681853 on Chromosome 5, two SNPs in the(More)
Restoration of BECN1/Beclin 1-dependent autophagy and depletion of SQSTM1/p62 by genetic manipulation or autophagy-stimulatory proteostasis regulators, such as cystamine, have positive effects on mouse models of human cystic fibrosis (CF). These measures rescue the functional expression of the most frequent pathogenic CFTR mutant, F508del, at the(More)
Pulmonary insufficiency is the main cause of death in cystic fibrosis (CF). We analysed forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) data of 14,732 patients registered in the European Cystic Fibrosis Society Patient Registry (ECFSPR) database in 2007. We used linear and logistic regressions to investigate associations between FEV1 % predicted and clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Disease registries have the invaluable potential to provide an insight into the natural history of the disease under investigation, to provide useful information (e.g. through health indicators) for planning health care services and to identify suitable groups of patients for clinical trials enrolment. However, the establishment and maintenance(More)
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