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BACKGROUND For transcoronary progenitor cells' administration, injections under flow arrest (over-the-wire balloon technique, OTW) are used universally despite lack of evidence for being required for cell delivery or being effective in stimulating myocardial engraftment. Flow-mediated endothelial rolling is mandatory for subsequent cell adhesion and(More)
Introduction. Geldanamycin (GA) is an ansamycin antibiotic that exhibits potent anti-neoplastic properties. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of GA and its derivatives on the growth and invasiveness of myeloma cell lines and CD138+ cells derived from the bone marrow of patients with multiple myeloma. Materials and methods. We evaluated cell(More)
The bone marrow microenvironment plays a key role in the stimulation of growth and survival of multiple myeloma (MM) cells. We investigated whether membrane microfragments (MFBs) exert a stimulatory effect on mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) gene expression or differentiation. MSCs from patients with multiple myeloma (MMBM-MSCs) proliferated at a slower rate(More)
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