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Semantic audio content-based music recommendation and visualization based on user preference examples
Preference elicitation is a challenging fundamental problem when designing recommender systems. In the present work we propose a content-based technique to automatically generate a semanticExpand
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Let's jam the reactable: Peer learning during musical improvisation with a tabletop tangible interface
There has been little research on how interactions with tabletop and Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) by groups of users change over time. In this article, we investigate the challenges andExpand
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The Musical Avatar: a visualization of musical preferences by means of audio content description
The music we like (i.e. our musical preferences) encodes and communicates key information about ourselves. Depicting such preferences in a condensed and easily understandable way is very appealing,Expand
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Issues and techniques for collaborative music making on multi-touch surfaces
A range of systems exist for collaborative music making on multi-touch surfaces. Some of them have been highly successful, but currently there is no systematic way of designing them, to maximiseExpand
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TOUCHtr4ck: democratic collaborative music
When electronic musicians compose collaboratively, they typically use their own single-user musical controllers. It may, therefore, be useful to develop novel controllers that support collaborativeExpand
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Experience and Ownership with a Tangible Computational Music Installation for Informal Learning
In this paper we present a preliminary design and initial assessment of a computational musical tabletop exhibit for children and teenagers at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). We explore howExpand
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Beacon: Exploring Physicality in Digital Performance
Live performances which involve digital technology often strive toward clear correspondences between distinct media modes, particularly those works which combine audio and video. Often, the processExpand
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Who Are the Women Authors in NIME?–Improving Gender Balance in NIME Research
In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness of the underrepresentation of women in the sound and music computing fields. The New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference isExpand
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Exploring Social Interaction With a Tangible Music Interface
This article presents a video-based field study of the Reactable, a tabletop tangible user interface (TUI) for music performance, in a hands-on science centre. The goal was to investigate visitors’Expand
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Embodied Interactions with E-Textiles and the Internet of Sounds for Performing Arts
This paper presents initial steps towards the design of an embedded system for body-centric sonic performance. The proposed prototyping system allows performers to manipulate sounds through gesturalExpand
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