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In this work we analyze the behavior on a company-internal social network site to determine which interaction patterns signal closeness between colleagues. Regression analysis suggests that employee behavior on social network sites (SNSs) reveals information about both professional and personal closeness. While some factors are predictive of general(More)
Teams of specialized experts, such as emergency management planning teams, while making decisions need to efficiently pool domain-specific knowledge, synthesize relevant information, and keep track of collaborators activities at a low interaction cost. This requires tools that allow monitoring both low-level information (e.g., individual actions and(More)
Establishing and maintaining communication between decision makers, professional responders and general public is vital in many emergency planning and rescue situations. In this paper we present our research on using first-hand information collected by mobile users to increase the flexibility and richness in collaborative emergency management. We propose(More)
Team collaboration in situations like emergency management often involves sharing and management of knowledge among distributed domain experts. This study extends our previous research on improving common ground building among collaborators with role-based multiple views, and proposes prototypes of annotation and process visualization tools to further(More)
In emergency management, collaborative decision-making usually involves collaborative sense-making of diverse information by a group of experts from different knowledge domains, and needs better tools to analyze role-specific information, share and synthesize relevant information, and remain aware of the activities of others. This paper presents our(More)
It is difficult for a navigator to find a way to a given target location in an unfamiliar environment. Often, wayfinding guidance such as an overview map is provided to assist the navigator. However, overview maps can only show survey knowledge at one particular scale, and cannot provide other kinds of spaital knowledge (e.g. procedure knowledge) or survey(More)
Emergency management and planning often involves multiple domain experts with diverse knowledge backgrounds and responsibilities. Current practices in emergency management and planning have not leveraged the state-of-art technologies in information sharing, synthesis, and analysis. The proposed research will investigate the process of collaborative(More)
Increasing mobility for modern life requires people to access information and make decisions "on the go". Mobil applications place special constraints that challenge the existing ways of visual analytic design where relatively stable and interaction-rich contexts are assumed. In tasks like learning unfamiliar places, current visualizations on mobile devices(More)