Anna Widiger

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We present a new, unique and freely available parallel corpus containing European Union (EU) documents of mostly legal nature. It is available in all 20 official EU languages, with additional documents being available in the languages of the EU candidate countries. The corpus consists of almost 8,000 documents per language, with an average size of nearly 9(More)
We present a tool that extracts person names from multilingual news collections and matches name variants referring to the same person. A novel feature is the matching of name variants across languages and writing systems, including names written with the Greek, Cyrillic and Arabic writing system. Due to our highly multilingual setting, we use an internal(More)
We are presenting a method to recognise geographical references in free text. Our tool must work on various languages with a minimum of language-dependent resources, except a gazetteer. The main difficulty is to disambiguate these place names by distinguishing places from persons and by selecting the most likely place out of a list of homographic place(More)
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