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Calcium intake depends on orosensory factors, implying the presence of a mechanism for calcium detection in the mouth. To better understand how information about oral calcium is conveyed to the brain, we examined the effects of chorda tympani nerve transection on calcium chloride (CaCl(2)) taste preferences and thresholds in male Wistar rats. The rats were(More)
The food, water and sodium intake of laboratory rats fluctuates over the circadian and estrous cycles. Blood calcium and calcium-regulating hormones also wax and wane in response to these cycles, raising the possibility that the same might be true of calcium intake. To investigate this, we monitored the fluid intakes of female Long-Evans rats given a choice(More)
We investigated whether maternal influences during the suckling period alter the avidity for calcium, using as models mice from the calcium-preferring PWK/PhJ strain and the calcium-avoiding C57BL/6J strain. We found that milk collected from PWK/PhJ dams had higher calcium concentrations than did milk collected from C57BL/6J dams. Despite this, cross-strain(More)
BACKGROUND Consuming a fructose-rich diet leads to hyperinsulinemia, impaired glucose tolerance, and insulin resistance. In humans, the consumption of high levels of refined sugars often coincides with a diet containing suboptimal levels of calcium. Calcium and carbohydrate metabolism interact, so there is potential for fructose to have different health(More)
Many animals thrive when given a choice of separate sources of macronutrients. How they do this is unknown. Here, we report some studies comparing the spontaneous choices between carbohydrate- and fat-containing food sources of seven inbred mouse strains (B6, BTBR, CBA, JF1, NZW, PWD and PWK) and three mouse models with genetic ablation of taste(More)
We calculate the effective dielectric tensor of a metal film penetrated by cylindrical holes filled with a nematic liquid crystal (NLC). We assume that the director of the NLC is parallel to the film, and that its direction within the plane can be controlled by a static magnetic field, via the Freedericksz effect. To calculate the effective dielectric(More)
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