Anna Vilella

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RATIONALE Noncompliance with vaccination schedules undermines the potential benefits of immunization. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether a reminder of the next vaccine dose sent by the Short Messaging Service (SMS) to the vaccinee's mobile phone increases compliance with hepatitis A + B and hepatitis A vaccination schedule. SUBJECTS AND(More)
Background:Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second cause of cancer-related death in the Western world. Much of the CRC genetic risk remains unidentified and may be attributable to a large number of common, low-penetrance genetic variants. Genetic linkage studies in CRC families have reported additional association with regions 9q22–31, 3q21–24, 7q31, 11q, 14q(More)
Mark D. Gershmana,*, J. Erin Staplesb, Adwoa D. Bentsi-Enchillc, J. Gabrielle Breugelmansd, Glacus S. Britoe, Luiz Antonio Bastos Camachof, Pascale Cotting, Cristina Domingoh, Anna Durbini, Joaquim Gasconj, Fouzia Guenanechek,1, Edward B. Hayesj, Zsuzsanna Jelenikl, Alena Khromavam, Reinaldo de Menezes Martinsn, Mario Masana Wilsono,2, Nathalie Massyp,(More)
Investigation by polymerase chain reaction of HBV-DNA in serum from chronic hepatitis B virus carriers is not widely used for routine diagnosis because polymerase chain reaction assays are complex and may be too sensitive. We investigated the sensitivity, the specificity and the possible value for clinical use of a simplified polymerase chain reaction(More)
Multiple bile-duct hamartomas are usually diagnosed at autopsy as an incidental finding. We report a case of a 50-yr-old male in whom multiple bile-duct hamartomas were suspected in an abdominal ultrasonography and confirmed by an echo-guided needle liver biopsy. The ultrasonography disclosed multiple scattered hyperechoic lesions with a diameter of up to 1(More)
We present a model based on two-order integer-valued autoregressive time series to analyze the number of hospital emergency service arrivals caused by diseases that present seasonal behavior. We also introduce a method to describe this seasonality, on the basis of Poisson innovations with monthly means. We show parameter estimation by maximum likelihood and(More)
Acute hepatic failure secondary to involvement of the liver by hematologic malignancies is a very uncommon condition, and usually has a fatal prognosis. We describe the case of a woman who developed acute hepatic failure due to infiltration by a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 18 yr after the initial diagnosis of a nodular-type lymphocytic lymphoma, while she was(More)
The immunogenicity and reactogenicity of the tetanus-diphtheria adult type vaccine was compared in two groups: group I (n = 201, 18-30 years old, presumably vaccinated with the DTP vaccine) and group II (n = 147, > or = 45 years old, without vaccination antecedents). Before vaccination, the seroprotection levels for tetanus were 90.5% (group I) and 30.6%(More)
OBJECTIVES HIV-infected adults are considered to be at higher risk for influenza A H1N1 complications but data supporting this belief are lacking. We aimed to compare epidemiological data, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of influenza A H1N1 infection between HIV-infected and -uninfected adults. METHODS From 26 April to 6 December 2009, each adult(More)