Anna Vainshtein

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Metabolic homeostasis is essential for cellular survival and proper tissue function. Multi-systemic metabolic regulation is therefore vital for good health. A number of tissues have the task of maintaining appropriate metabolism, and skeletal muscle is the most abundant of them. Muscle possesses a remarkable plasticity and is able to rapidly adapt to(More)
Alterations in skeletal muscle contractile activity necessitate an efficient remodeling mechanism. In particular, mitochondrial turnover is essential for tissue homeostasis during muscle adaptations to chronic use and disuse. While mitochondrial biogenesis appears to be largely governed by the transcriptional co-activator peroxisome proliferator(More)
Aging muscle exhibits a progressive decline in mass and strength, known as sarcopenia, and a decrease in the adaptive response to contractile activity. The molecular mechanisms mediating this reduced plasticity have yet to be elucidated. The purposes of this study were 1) to determine whether denervation-induced muscle disuse would increase the expression(More)
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