Anna V. Shneidman

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Actin-based cell motility and force generation are central to immune response, tissue development, and cancer metastasis, and understanding actin cytoskeleton regulation is a major goal of cell biologists. Cell spreading is a commonly used model system for motility experiments -- spreading fibroblasts exhibit stereotypic, spatially-isotropic edge dynamics(More)
Although common in biological systems, synthetic self-assembly routes to complex 3D photonic structures with tailored degrees of disorder remain elusive. Here we show how liquids can be used to finely control disorder in porous 3D photonic crystals, leading to complex and hierarchical geometries. In these optofluidic crystals, dynamically tunable disorder(More)
Although complex, hierarchical nanoscale geometries with tailored degrees of disorder are commonly found in biological systems, few simple self-assembly routes to fabricating synthetic analogues have been identified. We present two techniques that exploit basic capillary phenomena to finely control disorder in porous 3D photonic crystals, leading to complex(More)
A microwave resonator for uniform coupling of microwave magnetic field into NV centers in diamond over a mm<sup>3</sup> volume with an average Rabi frequency of 16 MHz with a 5% variance for 0.5 W microwave power is reported.
COMMUNICATION been investigated. [ 33–38 ] Pulsed laser sequences [ 33–37 ] were used to measure Rabi oscillations between different spin ground states, and scanning probe techniques [ 37 ] were used to achieve nanoscale resolution. For many practical applications, however , wide fi eld imaging and a simple experimental procedure are benefi cial. To(More)
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