Anna V. Pikunova

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Breeders in the allo-octoploid strawberry currently make little use of molecular marker tools. As a first step of a QTL discovery project on fruit quality traits and resistance to soil-borne pathogens such as Phytophthora cactorum and Verticillium we built a genome-wide SSR linkage map for the cross Holiday x Korona. We used the previously published MADCE(More)
Progenies of ‘Schmidt's Antonovka’ (SA) have been widely used in Western breeding programs as a source of scab resistance. The identity of SA has remained obscure, especially due to the existence of a series of ‘Antonovka’ cultivars with different origins. In this paper we show Schmidt's Antonovka to be identical to Анто́новка обыкновенный or ‘Common(More)
The amount and structure of genetic diversity in dessert apple germplasm conserved at a European level is mostly unknown, since all diversity studies conducted in Europe until now have been performed on regional or national collections. Here, we applied a common set of 16 SSR markers to genotype more than 2,400 accessions across 14 collections representing(More)
A RADP-analysis was used for the study of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships in the Ribes L. genus. The interspecific, intraspecific, and intervarietal polymorphism of 47 samples was estimated. The detected polymorphism allowed us to differentiate closely related varieties. Fragments specific to both individual samples and taxonomic groups(More)
This paper gives the development history of the best apple cultivar of the temperate zone of Russia— the Sinap Orlovsky apple cultivar with fruit of a long storage life, which has hitherto been considered to be a diploid one. The assumption of its triploidy has come into existence due to DNA-markers. Cytoembryological studies showed in 2016 that the(More)
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