Anna V. Kuznetsova

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The immunological tests were performed for blood samples from 30 patients with Wilson's disease and 37 healthy patients. The processed data included conventional statistical analysis and computer programs, consisting of new pattern recognition methods - method of statistically weighted syndromes and that of detecting the informative conjunctions. In(More)
A new method of data analysis is discussed. Goal of represented techniques is complete and statistically valid comparing of regularities existing in two different groups of objects. It is supposed that regularities that tie levels of forecasted and explanatory variables are searched with the help of optimal partitioning technique. The developed technique(More)
New logical and statistical methods were used for the analysis of relationships between survival rate of solid tumor patients and immunological variables. These methods are based on the search of the regularities (syndromes) in the multidimensional space. The syndromes are the elements of partitions of allowable areas of variables. To estimate the(More)
New pattern recognition method is considered that is based on ensembles of ”syndromes”. The developed method that is referred to as Multi-model statistically weighted syndromes (MSWS) is further development of earlier Statistically Weighted Syndromes (SWS) method. ”Syndromes” are subregions in space of prognostic features(More)
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