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The purpose of the panel is to discuss the questions which have bothered me for a long time: whether we are able to use the computer to its fullest artistic potential. How can we train computer graphics oriented students to utilize both programming and art related issues and make decisions to apply the best approach.This way of training helps young computer(More)
This paper describes the integrative, cooperative instruction in web design that applies art in technical instruction (programming). Students work in an interdisciplinary style drawing upon concepts from programming, web design, computer graphics, art, and design, both in the form of interdisciplinary studies and in a web construction and design class.(More)
Secondary schools now offer computer graphics courses which meld the disciplines of the arts and sciences. Students are demanding more than the required computer literacy courses and are challenging their teachers to incorporate graphics into their specific area(s) of interest. Many courses are offered through their art departments and with specialized(More)
In my daily experience, creating art works and teaching are inseparable and interlocking. These areas of my work influence and enhance one another. My artistic concerns and experiences relate both to art production and instruction, while communicating with students provides me with an audience and feedback. I believe in an interdisciplinary approach both(More)
This review tells about the International Conference on Information Visualization that is held annually in London, England. Themes selected from the Conference Proceedings are focused on theoretical concepts, semantic approach to visualization, digital art, and involve 2D, 3D, interactive and virtual reality tools and applications. The focal point of the iV(More)
Natural order infuses several levels of both worlds: some determined by human society and some determined by nature. It guides our understanding of big datasets related to network analysis. Acutely aware of order, I examine what technological and human worlds have in common. My task is to juxtapose the regularity of nature with human constructions, both(More)