Anna Ursyn

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The purpose of the panel is to discuss the questions which have bothered me for a long time: whether we are able to use the computer to its fullest artistic potential. How can we train computer graphics oriented students to utilize both programming and art related issues and make decisions to apply the best approach.This way of training helps young computer(More)
She combines programming with software and printmaking media, to unify computer generated and painted images, and mixed-media sculptures. Ursyn had over 30 single juried and invitational art shows, participated in over 100 fine art exhibitions, and published articles and artwork in books and journals. Research and pedagogy interests include integrated(More)
Electronic games and gaming can serve as the tools for visual solutions. It depends on the methods through which the games are delivered and the ways people think about electronic games. First, traditional and electronic gaming is described, and then, various goal-oriented game applications are discussed. Game features acting in favor of or against gaming(More)
Aesthetic evaluation of computer generated patterns is a growing filed with several challenges. This paper focuses on the quantitative evaluation of order and complexity in multi-state two-dimensional (2D) cellular automata (CA). CA are known for their ability to generate highly complex patterns through simple and well defined local interaction of rules. It(More)
Natural order infuses several levels of both worlds: some determined by human society and some determined by nature. It guides our understanding of big datasets related to network analysis. Acutely aware of order, I examine what technological and human worlds have in common. My task is to juxtapose the regularity of nature with human constructions, both(More)
An exploration of the role of digital media-making in Indigenous communities: its uses, forms, issues, and intentions. Representing several unique and varied cultural groups from across the globe, these esteemed Aboriginal filmmakers, photographers, and multimedia artists discuss how contemporary technologies allow them to simultaneously work with their(More)