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SUMMARY Recent studies have shown that resistance in several dicotyledonous plants to viruses in the genus Potyvirus is controlled by recessive alleles of the plant translation initiation factor eIF4E or eIF(iso)4E genes. Here we provide evidence that the barley rym4 gene locus, controlling immunity to viruses in the genus Bymovirus, corresponds to eIF4E. A(More)
The link between diet and health has lead to the promotion of functional foods which can enhance health. In this study, the oral health benefits of a number of food homogenates and high molecular mass and low molecular mass fractions were investigated. A comprehensive range of assays were performed to assess the action of these foods on the development of(More)
Gingivitis is a preventable disease characterised by inflammation of the gums due to the buildup of a microbial biofilm at the gingival margin. It is implicated as a precursor to periodontitis, a much more serious problem which includes associated bone loss. Unfortunately, due to poor oral hygiene among the general population, gingivitis is prevalent and(More)
Objectives Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants (SCVs) cause persistent infections and are resistant to cationic antibiotics. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) have been suggested as promising alternatives for treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. We investigated the capacity of the human cationic AMP LL-37 to kill SCVs in the presence of physiological(More)
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