Anna Tung Ching Ching

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We previously obtained evidence that ferritin is a nuclear protein in embryonic avian corneal epithelial (CE) cells, and that the ferritin in this site protects DNA from UV-induced damage. UV irradiation is known to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) and ferritin is known to ameliorate further oxidative damage by sequestering free iron, thus decreasing(More)
Phage display of antibody fragments from natural or synthetic antibody libraries with the single chain constructs combining the variable fragments (scFv) has been one of the most prominent technologies in antibody engineering. However, the nature of the artificial single chain constructs results in unstable proteins expressed on the phage surface or as(More)
Public and private EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) programs provide access to a large number of ESTs from a number of plant species, including Arabidopsis, corn, soybean, rice, wheat. In addition to the homology of each EST to genes in GenBank, information about homology to all other ESTs in the data base can be obtained. To estimate expression levels of genes(More)
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