Anna Tsukerman

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The occurrence of brain tumors is associated with broad suppression of the immune system function; however, the mechanisms involved in this impairment are not fully characterized. In this study, we have examined mechanisms involved in diminished T lymphocyte reactivity in patients with glioblastomas as compared to patients with other types of brain tumors.(More)
We have previously described a signaling complex (signalosome) associated with the GnRH receptor (GnRHR). We now report that GnRH induces bleb formation in the gonadotrope-derived LβT2 cells. The blebs appear within ~2 min at a turnover rate of ~2-3 blebs/min and last for at least 90 min. Formation of the blebs requires active ERK1/2 and RhoA-ROCK but not(More)
Directed control of intensity of the alpha-rhythm in the somatosensory cortical regions was examined in 20 healthy subjects in conditions of combined (visual and auditory) feedback connection. An attempt has been made to single out by means of control experiments, the factors influencing in such conditions of external stimulation the brain bioelectrical(More)
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