Anna Trakhtenberg

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The experience gained in the treatment of 29 cases of primary multiple carcinomas of one lung (synchronous--20 and metachronous--9) was analysed. Criteria for diagnosis of primary multiple neoplasms as well as choice of treatment are discussed. Surgical excision of both tumors was performed in 27 cases (synchronous--19 and metachronous--8). Surgery proved(More)
Endoluminal endoscopic surgery and fotodynamic therapy were used in treatment of 104 patients with multiple primary lung cancer (MPLC), or more exactly, of trachea and lobar and segmental bronchi. Diagnostic division included videobronchoscopy of high resolution in with light and NBI-regimen; autoflourescent and 5-ALA-induced fluorescent videobronchoscopy,(More)
454 patients, aged 17-79 years, were operated on metastatic lung lesions during the period from 1970 to 2007 years. Overall 538 operations were performed, of them 40 bilateral lung resections, 33 patients were reoperated on the subject of recurrent lung metastases. Postoperative complications were registered in 44 (9,6%) patients. Lethality rate was 1,1%.(More)