Anna Trakhtenberg

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This article presents a comparative analysis of government officials' and citizens' concept of "electronic government" and "electronic services", based on strategic documents and legal acts, including federal laws, decrees of the President of RF and orders of the Government of RF that accompany and regulate the transition to electronic government in Russia,(More)
The morphological examination of 228 small-cell carcinomas and carcinoids of the lung, and evaluation of carcinoid tumor cataplasia versus posttreatment survival identified well-, moderately and poorly differentiated carcinoids. Well- and moderately differentiated tumors have a favorable clinical course and prognosis, though they tend to metastasize. Poorly(More)
The natural killer cell cytotoxicity was studied in the 4 hour and 18 hour cytotoxic reaction with cultured human tumour cells (K562 and lung adenocarcinoma) labelled by 51Cr. The natural killer cell activity of cancer patients was lowered only in 4 hour cytotoxic reaction with target cells K562. The natural and recombinant leucocyte interferon and natural(More)
The results of the visual evaluation of scintiphotography with MMA-99mTc and studies with 133Xe on 130 patients with different pulmonary pathology (90 with lung cancer) and 40 with nontumorous pulmonary diseases were considered. To improve the reliability of the visual evaluation, the zone and lung coefficients (Kz and K1) were proposed making it possible(More)