Anna Torrent

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A novel type of chiral and stable palladium(0) complexes of polyunsaturated aza-macrocyclic ligands were prepared and fully characterized by means of NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Fifteenmembered alkene-alkyne type ligands as well as 20and 25-membered polyolefinic ligands showed a preference for tricoordination with the metal. The stereochemical(More)
A series of fused tetracycles with a benzene or cyclohexadiene core (2a-h) is satisfactorily prepared by intramolecular [2 + 2 + 2] cycloadditions of triynic and enediynic macrocycles (1a-h) under RhCl(PPh3)3 catalysis; the enantioselective cycloaddition of macrocycles 1b and 1e and gives chiral tetracycles with moderate enantiomeric excess.
[reaction: see text] Nitrogen-containing 15-membered triacetylenic macrocycles known as 1,6,11-tris(arylsulfonyl)-1,6,11-triazacyclopentadeca-3,8,13-triynes (1) and enediynic macrocycles called 1,6,11-tris(arylsulfonyl)-1,6,11-triazacyclopentadeca-3-ene-8,13-diynes (4 and 5) were satisfactorily prepared. [2+2+2] cycloisomerization processes catalyzed by(More)
A new series of 20- and 25-membered polyacetylenic azamacrocycles have been satisfactorily prepared and completely characterised by spectroscopic methods. Various [2+2+2] cyclotrimerisation processes catalysed by the Wilkinson's catalyst, [RhCl(PPh(3))(3)], were tested in the above-mentioned macrocycles. The 25-membered azamacrocycle (like the previously(More)
The transition-metal-catalyzed [2 + 2 + 2] cycloaddition of alkynes is an interesting method for synthesizing polysubstituted benzene derivatives. When running this reaction intramolecularly, three fused rings are formed in one synthetic operation. Furthermore, when it is performed in a closed system, i.e. a macrocycle, the reaction leads to fused(More)
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