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—Hardware errors are on the rise with reducing feature sizes, however tolerating them in hardware is expensive. Researchers have explored software-based techniques for building error resilient applications. Many of these techniques leverage application-specific resilience characteristics to keep overheads low. Understanding application-specific resilience(More)
Identifying the genetic input for fetal growth will help to understand common, serious complications of pregnancy such as fetal growth restriction. Genomic imprinting is an epigenetic process that silences one parental allele, resulting in monoallelic expression. Imprinted genes are important in mammalian fetal growth and development. Evidence has emerged(More)
This experiment studied the effect of cues on liking of yoghurt drinks. We examined how hedonic (degrees of like/dislike) and sensory (level of sweetness/saltiness) cues affected liking ratings. In the learning phase, thirty-nine participants learned to associate cues with yoghurt drinks. Cues were learned for mildly and highly salty and sweet yoghurts.(More)
Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) can be associated with neurological abnormalities and an increased risk of melanoma. Mutations in NRAS, BRAF, and Tp53 have been described in individual CMN samples; however, their role in the pathogenesis of multiple CMN within the same subject and development of associated features has not been clear. We hypothesized that(More)
CONTEXT Fetal growth involves highly complex molecular pathways. IGF2 is a key paternally expressed growth hormone that is critical for in utero growth in mice. Its role in human fetal growth has remained ambiguous, as it has only been studied in term tissues. Conversely the maternally expressed growth suppressor, PHLDA2, has a significant negative(More)
Electronic gambling machines (EGMs) are known to be a particularly risky form of gambling (Petry. Addiction 98(5):645-655, 2003). It is vital that researchers and clinicians are aware of factors which could lead to people having problems with this form. Gambling motivation is one such factor. This study developed a measure of EGM gambling motivations based(More)
Despite the prevalence of gambling world-wide, relatively few individuals become problem gamblers. Additionally many problem gamblers recover without professional assistance. The current study aim was to examine how individuals self-manage their gambling through (a) assessing frequency of use of a range of self-regulation strategies (b) examining how these(More)
Expectations about a food can impact on its taste, but this may represent a perceptual change or a bias in response at the decision-making stage. We hypothesised that expectation of taste intensity should be underpinned by modulation of activity in primary taste cortex. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we found that expecting a very sweet drink,(More)
Intermediate-length polyglutamine expansions in ataxin 2 are a risk factor for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The polyglutamine tract is encoded by a trinucleotide repeat in a coding region of the ataxin 2 gene (ATXN2). Noncoding nucleotide repeat expansions in several genes are also associated with neurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseases. For(More)