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In this report, we present a case of a prelaminated radial forearm flap in reconstruction of a large persistent cleft palate with transoral single arterial and three venous anastomoses. A 17-years-old female patient presented a large cleft palate defect and complete dentition, dysmelia of both arms and bilateral thumb aplasia. A radial flap was prelaminated(More)
Basic skills in oral/CMF surgery should be taught effectively to dental students as surgical skills training is traditionally under-represented in the dental curriculum compared to its later need in daily clinical practice. Rigid curricular time frames and prospectively condensed professional education foster new effective teaching and examination formats.(More)
Classically skin defects are covered by split thickness skin grafts or by means of local or regional skin flaps. In the presented case series for the first time a bilayered, non-crossed-linked collagen matrix has been used in an off-label fashion in order to reconstruct facial skin defects following different types of skin cancer resection. The material is(More)
Attached peri-implant gingiva has proven to have an influence on the long-term stability of dental implants. In patients with head and neck cancer, a functional peri-implant gingiva is even more of critical importance. The aim of the presented prospective study was to investigate a three-dimensional xenogeneic collagen matrix for augmentation around dental(More)
Injection of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) into arteries for cell therapy is a promising field in regenerative medicine. However, adhesion of EPCs during capillary passage is restricted, and non-adhering cells are lost into circulation. Here we demonstrate that it is possible to achieve a three- to sevenfold higher rate of EPC adhesion to endothelium(More)
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