Anna Takashima

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Role-play exercise is an effective method of teaching project management, in which each student concentrates on playing the role of a stakeholder defined in a virtual project to solve problems from the perspective of his/her role, sharing information in a timely fashion. This paper proposes the introduction of a software agent in on-line role-play(More)
This paper describes an educational scheme involving “learning by producing in interesting software education” and “learning by experiencing in practical software education”. Outcomes are presented in the form of useful research activities and the educational scheme is discussed within the framework of the Tangible Software(More)
Regarding a breakdown as an opportunity for learning, systems for lifelong learning need to support a learner in: (1) experiencing a breakdown, and (2) asking for information relevant to the breakdown situation. Knowledge-based critiquing systems have been studied to support the processes. Such a system monitors human performance within its computational(More)
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