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Previous research on basic information-processing tasks has suggested that there may be a dissociation between the underlying process determinants of task performance and associations with ability measures. This study investigates this dissociation in the context of a complex skill-learning task-an air traffic control simulation called TRACON. A battery of(More)
The authors describe a series of experiments that explore 3 major ability determinants of individual differences in skill acquisition in the context of prior theory (e.g., P.L. Ackerman, 1988) and subsequent empirical and theoretical research. Experiment 1 assessed the predictability of individual differences in asymptotic skill levels on the(More)
Online communities of practice cannot achieve organizational impact without member activity – discussion that leads to knowledge sharing, social network development, and strengthening of the professional community Several guidelines exist for facilitating ongoing, " organic " discussion, which stems from requests for information made by forum members.(More)
Practical intelligence as measured by tacit-knowledge inventories generally has shown a weak relation to other intelligence constructs. However, the use of assessments capturing specialized, job-related knowledge may obscure the generality of practical intelligence and its relation to general intelligence. This article presents three studies in which three(More)
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