Anna Szczurek

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An ability to form symbiotic associations with rhizobia and to utilize atmospheric nitrogen makes legumes ecologically successful. High iron content in legume grains, partially relocated from root nodules, is another-nutritional-advantage of this group of plants. The ferritin complex is the major cell iron storage and detoxification unit and has been(More)
Ferritins are one of the most important elements of cellular machinery involved in iron management. Despite extensive studies conducted during the last decade, many factors regulating the expression of ferritin genes in plants remain unknown. To broaden our knowledge about the mechanisms controlling ferritin production in plant cells, we have identified and(More)
In this study, stable, homogenous and thin titania dioxide coatings (TiO2) on stainless steel substrate doped with two dosages of bioactive sphingolipids S1P were fabricated using the sol-gel method. S1P belongs to a family of sphingolipids acting as important extracellular signaling molecules and chemoattractants. This study investigated the effect of(More)
The modification of carbon fibers for improving adhesion between fibers and an epoxy resin in composite materials has become the focus of attention. In this work the carbon fiber coating process has been devised in a way preventing the stiffening and clumping of fibers. To improve interactions between coated fibers and a resin in composites, four types of(More)
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