Anna Szafranska

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We are interested in the mechanism and regulation of the extracellular regulated protein kinases, ERK1 and ERK2 due to their key roles in cellular signal transduction and disease. Both enzymes phosphorylate a large number of structurally disparate proteins upon activation by phorbol esters, serum and growth factors and are activated through a protein kinase(More)
UNLABELLED Osteomyelitis is a difficult-to-eradicate bone infection typically caused by Staphylococcus aureus. In this study, we investigated the in vivo transcriptional adaptation of S. aureus during bone infection. To this end, we determined the transcriptome of S. aureus during the acute (day 7) and chronic (day 28) phases of experimental murine(More)
Ecuaciones diferenciales parciales no lineales:  Métodos numéricos dinámicamente consistentes  Diseño de técnicas computacionales del tipo 'splitting'.  Existencia y unicidad de soluciones (continuas y discretas) positivas, acotadas y monótonas.  Ecuaciones diferenciales fraccionarias (ordinarias y parciales) con aplicaciones.  Ecuaciones diferenciales(More)
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