Anna Suwalska

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The CERN EDMS has extended its capabilities from the management of engineering data to the domain of equipment data management by linking together two commercial systems. The combined system now supports more than 3500 users and manages more than 250,000 drawings, more than 30,000 documents and information about more than 3200 accelerator and detector(More)
The pathophysiology of acne vulgaris depends on active sebaceous glands, implying that selective destruction of sebaceous glands could be an effective treatment. We hypothesized that light-absorbing microparticles could be delivered into sebaceous glands, enabling local injury by optical pulses. A suspension of topically applied gold-coated silica(More)
Persistent infection of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is confirmed necessary factor for development of cervical cancer and anogenital neoplasia. DNA HPV is detected in 96% of cervical cancer, 40% of vulvar and vaginal cancer, 90% of anal cancer and 26% of oral cavity cancer cases in general population. The most common high-risk HPV types observed in(More)
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