Anna Stradner

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Controlling interparticle interactions, aggregation and cluster formation is of central importance in a number of areas, ranging from cluster formation in various disease processes to protein crystallography and the production of photonic crystals. Recent developments in the description of the interaction of colloidal particles with short-range attractive(More)
The globular protein γB-crystallin exhibits a complex phase behavior, where liquid-liquid phase separation characterized by a critical volume fraction ϕc = 0.154 and a critical temperature Tc = 291.8 K coexists with dynamical arrest on all length scales at volume fractions around ϕ ≈ 0.3-0.35, and an arrest line that extends well into the unstable region(More)
A new sample environment has been developed in order to perform light and small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) simultaneously on colloidal systems. The combination of SANS and diffusing wave spectroscopy (DWS) is of particular use in the high-concentration regime. DWS provides information on the local dynamic properties of the individual particles, whereas(More)
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