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Does the ease of association of an instrumental movement with a verbal stimulus depend upon the compatibility of the movement with the meaning of that verbal stimulus? Such a relation would appear to follow from the two-stage mediational model described by Osgood (1953). He assumes that in the development of meanings of signs, either perceptual or verbal,(More)
Injured motor vehicle drivers who were hospitalized (Umeå: n = 130) and fatally injured drivers who were autopsied (Umeå, Northern Sweden: n = 111; Gothenburg, Western Sweden: n = 136) from May 1991 through December 1993 were tested for alcohol and for both licit and illicit drugs. Nineteen percent of the Umeå-hospitalized drivers (UHDs), 26% of the Umeå(More)
During adolescence, many neural systems, including the dopamine system, undergo essential remodeling and maturation. It is well known that early-life stress (ELS) increases the risk for many psychopathologies during adolescence and adulthood. It is hypothesized that ELS interferes with the maturation of the dopamine system. There is a sex bias in the(More)
This article summarizes physical health, mental health, and substance abuse problems of users of four of Detroit's largest homeless shelters. Shelter users with mental illness or substance abuse problems were compared with those without these problems. Alcohol abusers were significantly more likely to have low blood pressure, symptoms of liver disease, and(More)
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