Anna Sobotka

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The project owners demand that construction projects are to be accomplished on time and to budget. Regardless of the construction project procurement system, duration and cost are the key factors determining project's economic efficiency and fulfillment of the owner's needs and requirements. Beside quality, they are basic criteria taken into account in(More)
The paper discusses a number of construction project logistics problems, with focus on supply systems, and presents the results of recent survey of Polish contractors’ supply routines. On the basis of the survey, patterns of development of logistic systems have been described. The enclosed results of cost simulations indicate that outsourcing supply(More)
The paper discusses selected aspects of logistics with regard to a construction company as an organisation and as a participant in a construction project. On the basis of a recent research in Poland, patterns of development of logistic systems and relations between the participants of construction projects have been presented. The project delivery systems(More)
Waste minimization and recycling are principles of the concept of sustainable development that is now globally introduced. Construction in the sense of manufacturing goods and construction and exploitation of buildings generates a significant amount of waste. Therefore, the developing of the concept of waste management and the reverse logistics is(More)
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