Anna Smedja Bäcklund

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The aim of this study was to clarify the pathway of electron transfer between the inner membrane components and the periplasmic chlorate reductase. Several soluble c-type cytochromes were found in the periplasm. The optical difference spectrum of dithionite-reduced periplasmic extract shows that at least one of these components is capable of acting as an(More)
The electron donor for periplasmic chlorate reductase of Ideonella dechloratans has been suggested to be a soluble cytochrome c. We describe here the purification of the 9-kDa periplasmic cytochrome c, denoted cytochrome c-Id1, and demonstrate its ability to serve as an electron donor for purified chlorate reductase. The reaction rate was found to be(More)
Anaerobic chlorate respiration requires electron transport from the bacterial inner membrane to the soluble periplasmic chlorate reductase. We have recently demonstrated that soluble c cytochromes function as electron carriers for chlorate reduction in Ideonella dechloratans (Smedja Bäcklund et al. 2009). In the present work, we describe a gene encoding(More)
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