Anna Siobhan Cosgrave

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Viral vectors are excellent tools for studying gene function in the brain, although a limitation has been the ability to effectively target transgene expression to specific neuronal populations. This(More)
Activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP) is widely distributed in the cytoplasm of neurons and astrocytes of the hippocampus. Kainic acid (KA)-induced seizures increases neuronal nitric(More)
The various mechanisms underlying postnatal neurogenesis from discrete CNS regions have emerged recently. However, little is known about postnatal neurogenesis in dorsal root ganglion (DRG). BrdU(More)
The dentate gyrus (DG) of the normal rat brain contains activity-dependent neuroprotective protein (ADNP) which is widely distributed in the cytoplasm of neurons and astrocytes. Treatment with nitric(More)
Due to the complexity of brain function and the difficulty in monitoring alterations in neuronal gene expression, the potential of lentiviral gene therapy vectors to treat disorders of the CNS has(More)
We have previously shown that kainic acid (KA) increases nitric oxide (NO) synthase (NOS) production in the rat dentate gyrus (DG) and hippocampus (CA3), and NOS inhibition [(by NG-nitro-L-arginine(More)
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