Anna Sikora

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Data-intensive applications are those that explore, query, analyze, and, in general, process very large data sets. Generally, these applications can be naturally implemented in parallel but, in many cases, these implementations show severe performance problems mainly due to load imbalances, inefficient use of available resources, and improper data partition(More)
The Two-Stage forest fire spread prediction methodology was developed to enhance forest fire evolution forecast by tackling the uncertainty of some environmental conditions. However, there are parameters, such as wind, that present a variation along terrain and time. In such cases, it is necessary to couple forest fire propagation models and complementary(More)
Developing an efficient parallel application is not an easy task, and achieving a good performance requires a thorough understanding of the program’s behavior. Careful performance analysis and optimization are crucial. To help developers or users of these applications to analyze the program’s behavior, it is necessary to provide them with an abstraction of(More)
Performance is a main issue in parallel application development. Dynamic tuning is a technique that changes certain applications’ parameters on-line to improve their performance adapting the execution to actual conditions. To perform that, it is necessary to collect measurements, analyze application behavior and carry out tuning actions during the(More)
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