Anna Sikharulidze

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Three new versions of the most typical value (MTV) of the population (generalized weighted averages) are introduced. The first version, WFEVg, is a generalization of the weighted fuzzy expected value (WFEV) for any fuzzy measure g on a finite set and it coincides with the WFEV when a sampling probability distribution is used. The second and the third(More)
In this paper we perform the analysis of Dempster-Shafer temporalized structure for the construction of more precise decisions based on the expert knowledge valuations. The relation of information precision is defined on the bodies of evidence. Negative inaccuracy is defined as the stream of rational expert knowledge in Dempster-Shafer temporalized(More)
The paper concerns influences of global warming on a climate change in Georgia and health of the population. In particular, one important parameter of a human thermal comfort a heat index(that represents a combination of the air temperature and relative humidity) has been investigated. The investigation was carried out on the base of real data collected in(More)