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The analysis of Dempster-Shafer temporalized structure is performed for the construction of more precise decisions based on the expert knowledge valuations. The relation of information precision is defined on the bodies of evidence. Negative inaccuracy is defined as the stream of rational expert knowledge in Dempster-Shafer temporalized structure. The(More)
In this paper we continue to investigate the important parameter of global warming-a heat wave-that has no unique definition and represents the constellation of different factors such as e.g., heat index (temperature + humidity), time periods of excessive heat, etc. We find typical characteristics of heat indexes during different time periods, using most(More)
In this paper a new criterion is introduced for the discrete covering problem. In this criterion the a priori information represented by a possibility measure and a misbelief distribution on alternatives are condensed by aggregation instruments. Using the Dempster-Shafer belief structure and representations of a possibility measure through associated(More)