Anna Sell

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Controlling the way light interacts with material excitations is at the heart of cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED). In the strong-coupling regime, quantum emitters in a microresonator absorb and spontaneously re-emit a photon many times before dissipation becomes effective, giving rise to mixed light-matter eigenmodes. Recent experiments in semiconductor(More)
The optical properties of plasmonic dipole and bowtie nanoan-tennas are investigated in detail using the Green's tensor technique. The influence of the geometrical parameters (antenna length, gap dimension and bow angle) on the antenna field enhancement and spectral response is discussed. Dipole and bowtie antennas confine the field in a volume well below(More)
  • Nicole Hess, Courtney Helfrecht, Edward Hagen, Aaron Sell, Barry Hewlett, N Hess +4 others
  • 2010
Sex differences in physical and indirect aggression have been found in many societies but, to our knowledge, have not been studied in a population of hunter-gatherers. Among Aka foragers of the Central African Republic we tested whether males physically aggressed more than females, and whether females indirectly aggressed more than males, as has been seen(More)
The Finnish municipal open care service in Turku applied mobile communication technology in order to cut costs and increase the efficiency of its elderly care. The home help staff was given a number of Nokia Communicators for the purpose of ordering groceries for their elderly and disabled customers. In this paper we present and discuss our empirical(More)
We report the synthesis of a nearly single-cycle (3.7 fs), ultrafast optical pulse train at 78 MHz from the coherent combination of a passively mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser (6 fs pulses) and a fiber supercontinuum (1-1.4 μm, with 8 fs pulses). The coherent combination is achieved via orthogonal, attosecond-precision synchronization of both pulse envelope(More)
In December 2000, the municipal social service department of the city of Turku, Finland, outsourced its open care grocery shopping to an online grocery retailer. Prior to the implementation of the online service, the open care employees had taken care of grocery shopping for all those customers who were not able to do it themselves. The city officials(More)
Single-cycle terahertz fields generated by coherent transition radiation from a relativistic electron beam are used to study the high field optical response of single crystal GaAs. Large amplitude changes in the sub-band-gap optical absorption are induced and probed dynamically by measuring the absorption of a broad-band optical beam generated by transition(More)