Anna Seeley

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Facility experience primarily in drug-oriented fermentation equipment (producing small molecules such as secondary metabolites, bioconversions, and enzymes) and, to a lesser extent, in biologics-oriented fermentation equipment (producing large molecules such as recombinant proteins and microbial vaccines) in an industrial fermentation pilot plant over the(More)
Culture pelleting and morphology has a strong influence on process productivity and success for fungal and filamentous bacterial cultures. This impact is particularly evident with early phase secondary metabolite processes with limited process definition. A compilation of factors affecting filamentous or pelleting morphology described in the literature(More)
The production of zaragozic acids by fermentation of the fungusLeptodontidium elatius was examined at the 800-L fermentor scale under two different production medium batch sterilization conditions. Low production-medium heat input (R0=33.4 min) resulted in a 4′-desacetoxy zaragozic acid C:4′-O-desacetyl zaragozic acid C:zaragozic acid C ratio of(More)
Thiazolyl peptides are a class of rigid macrocyclic compounds richly populated with thiazole rings. They are highly potent antibiotics but none have been advanced to clinic due to poor aqueous solubility. Recent progress in this field prompted a reinvestigation leading to the isolation of a new thiazolyl peptide, thiazomycin, a congener of nocathiacins.(More)
The uptake of stereotactic ablative body radiation therapy (SABR)/stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) worldwide has been rapid. The Australian and New Zealand Faculty of Radiation Oncology (FRO) assembled an expert panel of radiation oncologists, radiation oncology medical physicists and radiation therapists to establish guidelines for safe practice(More)
Frozen bagged seed inoculum was prepared, thawed and tested for seven cultures. Thawing techniques were developed and other key influences on thawing rate were quantified; seed bag thawing without a water bath rarely required more than 4 to 5 h and was as short as 0.5 to 1 h for lower fill volume bags. Testing included growth of bagged seed as a function of(More)
Production of two related indole diterpenes (differing by a dimethyl leucine side chain) by Aspergillus alliaceus was improved through several pilot scale fermentations. Media were optimized through focus primarily on initial increases, as well as mid-cycle additions, of carbon and nitrogen sources. Fermentation conditions were improved by varying(More)
A defined medium and fed-batch feeding process for the production of a yeast biocatalyst, developed at the 23-L scale, was scaled up to the 600-L pilot scale. Presterilized 100-L-vol plastic bags were implemented for the pilot-scale nutrient feeding. Medium of increased concentration Oqs implemented at the pilot scale, and equivalent dry cell weights were(More)
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