Anna Schafer

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A production oriented GaAs HEMT MMIC chipset for a 77 GHz FMCW automotive radar system is reported. It differs mainly in two aspects from the GaAs MMIC solutions described earlier: (1) 0.12 /spl mu/m gatelength PHEMTs are fabricated by optical stepper lithography, (2) a coplanar design is used. A fully passivated PHEMT fabrication process is reported with(More)
We present strained Si TFETs with different architectures, from planar to highly down scaled gate all around (GAA) nanowire (NW) devices. Optimizing the TFET structure improves the electrostatics as required to enhance the tunneling currents. Furthermore, it suppresses trap assisted tunneling (TAT) and thus yields to steeper subthreshold slopes. We also(More)
Si Nanowire (NW) TFETs with a NW cross section of 30&#x00D7;7nm<sup>2</sup> were fabricated on ultra thin SOI. Implanattion into epitaxial NiSi<sub>2</sub> silicide (IIS) source and drain and a subsequent anneal at low temperatures for dopant segregation (DS) were used for formation of junctions. Si NW Schottky MOSFETs with dopant segregated(More)
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