Anna Salvioni

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OBJECTIVES To develop and test a postal screening questionnaire to intercept frailty in older community-dwelling individuals. DESIGN A questionnaire was developed on the basis of expert consensus and preliminarily tested against the occurrence of incident disability, in secondary analyses of previous epidemiological studies. The questionnaire was then(More)
OBJECTIVE identification of older individuals at risk for health-related adverse outcomes (HRAO) is necessary for population-based preventive interventions. Aim of this study was to improve a previously validated postal screening questionnaire for frailty in non-disabled older subjects and to test its prognostic validity in a vast sample of older(More)
OBJECTIVE to test a screening and comprehensive assessment procedures for frail elderly in Tuscany (Central Italy) in the perspective of interventions to prevent disability. DESIGN two-phases feasibility study: a) screening phase, using a postal questionnaire and b) comprehensive assessment phase, aimed at identifying risk factors for disability that(More)
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