Anna S. Lisovenko

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Molecular structures of series of InBr3Py(x) complexes (x = 1-3) in the solid state have been determined by single crystal structure analysis. For x = 2, an unexpected dimeric In2Br6Py4 structure,(More)
Solid state structures of group 13 metal halide complexes with pyrazine (pyz) of 2:1 and 1:1 composition have been established by X-ray structural analysis. Complexes of 2:1 composition adopt(More)
A solution of B,B',B''-tribromoborazine (BrBNH)(3) in excess C(6)D(6) in a sealed NMR tube shows no changes for over 14 months at room temperature but undergoes fast (within minutes) H/D exchange in(More)
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