Anna Rylander

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Plant food allergy – is it time to see the seeds? Allergic reactions to fruits and vegetables are frequently observed, however skin prick tests and serological analyses may not always confirm allergy. Recent advances have identified the seeds as potential allergen sources. Seeds are generally rich in storage proteins like 7S/11S globulins and 2S albumins,(More)
The concept of a knowledge intensive firm (KIF) is seemingly an important category of organizations that is being increasingly studied. The underlying inference from the literature is that the KIF constitutes a category of organizations that is distinct and different from other organizational categories. The research reported in this paper explores how(More)
In the physical world, products and services are traditionally distinguished from each other on the basis of tangibility and intangibility; indeed, services are often described as intangible products. This distinction has governed the design and management of both. In the virtual world of the fixed and mobile Internet, however, this distinction is no longer(More)
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